_/                    _/_/_/_/_/_/_/               _/_/_/_/_/_/
         _/_/                         _/                    _/
        _/  _/        _/_/_/_/       _/        _/_/_/_/    _/
       _/    _/            _/       _/        _/          _/
      _/_/_/_/_/         _/        _/        _/_/_/      _/
     _/        _/      _/         _/        _/          _/
    _/          _/   _/_/_/_/    _/        _/ _/_/_/   _/_/_/_/_/_/_/

        Welcome to Arizona Telecommunication Community Computing 
                   -  -    --                -

AzTeC Computing is provided, at no charge, to the general public through the efforts and donations of volunteer people and organizations of Arizona. Public access sites are available in many libraries across the state. Ask your local librarian if your library is connected to AzTeC. Also check the menu item "Arizona Libraries Access to AzTeC Computing" on the AzTeC Administration page. For assistance with problems, to obtain system status, or other information please use the AzTeC Help Line (staffed by volunteers). Phoenix Metro Area: Call (480) 965-4156 Flagstaff Metro Area: Call (520) 523-8800 FreePort Software copyright 1991 Case Western Reserve University All rights reserved

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